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Psychometric testing has become widely accepted as a benchmarking tool to judge people's suitability for a job.

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Do managers need to be extraverted?

10 September 2011

Do managers need to be extraverted?

Do managers need to be extraverted?

Hugh McCredie is Vice Chair of the TPF.  Do managers need to be extraverted? Assessment & Development Matters,   2, 1

After reviewing published and his own empirical evidence he concludes:

"The short answer to this question is that it will undoubtedly help to be extraverted, Other things being equal, people in the upper quartile of extraversion (75th  percentile or higher) should enjoy managerial work and be successful. Those in the lower quartile (25th  percentile or lower) are unlikely to feel at home in a management role. The danger to the individual is burnout and to the organisation that such managers may not be in the right place when needed, but creating personal space elsewhere. Managers in the inter­quartile range (between the 25th  to 75th  percentiles), and those who are assessing such candidates, need to look at the facets of extraversion to ensure that there are no lower quartile scores that are likely to be problematic. However, other things are rarely equal and some of the remaining Big Five factors and intellectual ability also need consideration in predicting success as a manager. "

Hugh McCredie has recently published Selecting and Developing Better Managers, available from Lulu.com at £20.00


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