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Psychometric testing has become widely accepted as a benchmarking tool to judge people's suitability for a job.

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Interviewers risk legal action

25 August 2013

Interviewers risk legal action

Job interviewers risk landing their organisation in legal hot water, according to recent research.

The study by a major business leadership consultancy has revealed that, on average, 54% of UK interviewers are unable to correctly identify illegal questions, yet staying the right side of the law scores low on their list of concerns.

In addition, those who rely on their intuition to make hiring decisions could be loosing thousands in costs and time by selecting the wrong person for the job.

Almost half of all interviewers globally spend less than 30 minutes reviewing candidates' interview results before making a decision - less time than it takes the average Briton to commute to work.

Around 1,900 interviewers and 3,500 job-seekers were surveyed as part of the global study which found that, despite it being a requirement for nearly every job in the world, the interview process isn't given the time it needs.

It also found that many interviewers frequently come unprepared for discussion or turn candidates off with their behaviour.

This latest study provides further evidence that psychometric testing is becoming increasingly important in recruitment by introducing another dimension to the selection process. Psychometric testing enables the organisation to make an informed decision on recruiting a candidate that is not based on interview alone.


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