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Psychometric testing to build profiles for advertisers

6 September 2013

Psychometric testing to build profiles for advertisers

A form of psychometric testing is helping a leading national newspaper to help boost its online advertising revenue

Since June, more than 100,000 Mirror users have taken online personality tests to gather data on the lifestyle, attitudes and brand preferences of readers.

The move follows Trinity Mirror's shift of its online ad model towards enhanced audience profiling.

Using Imagini's VisualDNA platform, the results of the tests have allowed advertisers to target readers by 13 life categories, overlaid on existing behavioural data.

The move has raised some concerns amongst regulators but because people taking part can choose to delete their data if required, Imagini's believes their platform sidesteps opt-out issues.

Trinity Mirror's head of digital Paul Hood is reported as saying the use of VisualDNA means there are fewer privacy concerns because people are choosing to take the test.

They have the option to opt out, but generally they've indicated that they're happy to have more targeted ads served to them. We're not just taking cookie-based information from them, he explained.

Meanwhile Mail Online MD James Bromley said he has also investigated the platform and believes the approach offers a good mid-ground when people get overly concerned about privacy around behavioural targeting.


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